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I have always been a very curious person and that helped me to learn a lot: I have learned about other worldviews, about other types of food, about other traditions; I have learned about religion, about spirituality, about camaraderie, about survival. With this brief tour, I would like to show you the landscapes, the images and the moments that changes me and that, very slowly, turned me into who I am today. I hope this gallery of anecdotes can keep growing and that it motivate others, that just like me, cannot stop exploring.


I traversed different paths in America: I worked in California, I travelled around the Southern, Central and North-eastern regions of Argentina, through the Uruguayan coast, I visited some small portions of the Brazilian coast, and then I undertook a blatant trip from La Quiaca (Argentina) until Cali (Colombia). As I missed Peru and my Peruvian friends, I visited again our Inca neighbours. This is a brief summary of those adventures.






United States



For many years, I dreamed about visiting Asia: I felt attracted by its food, by its temples, by its landscapes, by its beaches and by its people. On 2016, I fulfilled my dream and I travelled around an tiny portion of this massive continent for five months. I started in the Centre and in the South of Thailand, then I went down to Malaysia and Singapore, I flew to Indonesia and from there I flew to the Philippines to go back to the continent through Vietnam and I ended up in the North of Thailand. I started the trip alone, but I came back with many new friends. It is impossible to capture those smells and feelings in pictures: for that, we have other more reliable means, such as literature. However, the pictures have their own language. Join me to explore this magic continent.




We the anxious tend to be in constant movement: that was the main characteristic of my trip around Europe (together with the cold). In one month, I visited 13 cities. This is a glimpse of my trip around Eastern Europe and the Balkans.



Czech Republic





United Kingdom


This post is also available in: esEspañol