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Open air events always have a random lure: the weather. The conditions could not have been better: warm weather, starry night and the fresh breeze from the Río de La Plata river.

Butch, slowly, warmed us up and helped us loosen our stiff joints, that were quite rusted due to the car trip from La Plata to Mandarine Park, in Costa Salguero.



“That is cool, honey: the VIP”. Lighted with chameleon lights, the VIP was two meters above the crowd. But the party was on the dance floor, and they knew it.

The German DJ and producer from Mainz, Bülent Gürler (who hides behind the pseudonym Butch), unfolded from his repertoire a style that has been hitting the Latin American electronic scene: Andean electro. The most noticeable exponents of this sub-genre may be Nicola Cruz, El Búho or Nicolas Jaar, but the Teuton also wanted to contribute to the expansion of this new hybrid genre.

Just as if he was playing music from his backyard, with a lot of techno that was becoming darker and darker, Butch left the dance floor in flames for Solomun. It is a little bit easier this way.



During several moments of the night, I saw many couples staring at each other for a long time and then passionately making out. I heard some love promises of no less than 20 years together. What an admirable thing to do! That is definitely a long time.

The table was set and the main dish did not take long. Solomun was the architect of a very effusive party, garnished by a refreshing river breeze, with the old customs building in the background, and an hypnotic giant screen that followed the Bosnian’s rhythms. Solomun started his impressive career as DJ in 1984 and he is touring around America, where he already played in Argentina (Córdoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires), and he will play in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and will finish in the United States.

That experience becomes evident when he takes control of the mixers. He baked you slowly, step by step. He is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a different DJ; he uses extremely innovative sounds and rhythmyc patterns. His combinations are very fresh and complex, and that is definitely valuable in the international electronic scene. He posseses you, he wraps you up and then he throws you at once in the middle of an amazing party.

At about two in the morning, we were approaching the end, some classics were missing and he people debated about the possible after parties. But the guy who was born in Travnik 41 years ago had other plans in mind: from two to three in the morning, he made his own after party. I jealously admire his energy; it seemed as if he could have got on playing for yet another five hours, but I could barely move my feet. In those five hours, I went to the toilet four times, I drank some beers and a couple of bottle waters, and I stretched. He did not. None of that.

Around three in the morning, we danced, among the dust hoisted by the relentless stamping of the dancers, his anthemn, Late Night. During the whole show, he said nothing. Of course, it was not necesary, and he recived a mving ovation. Finally, to the monotonous compass of bottle kicking, which dyed the floor, we slowly set off with a smile on our face, convinced that we have experienced, together with some other eleven thousand people, a hystoric night.




This post is also available in: esEspañol