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If you want to know what Sofar is,

you can read the reviews of Sofar No. 11 and No. 12.

Finally, after being invited to two consecutive events, I was selected for the first time to participate in a Sofar event and it was my turn to invite somebody. I owe so many favors that I had more than enough candidates but not enough invitations.

The venue chosen by the organisers for the first Sofar experience of the year was El Galpón Complex, located in GonnetHonestly, I felt quite skeptic: how are they going to beat the previous event, held in a field, with live painting and wine tasting? Yes, comparisons are hateful; but, at the same time, they are inevitable. Human beings can only understand what they experience through comparison with previous experiences.

And this experience, again, was magical. They received us with Jorge Drexler and Mon Laferte, with Sig Ragga, with Pérez, with Un Planeta, with Nonpalidece, and I already knew it could not go wrong. I assumed that the event was going to take place in the football pitch right by our side, but I was completely wrong: this premise also has a storehouse that looks like an old ironmonger’s with hipster decorations and collage paintings. The day turned into night (very pleasant, by the way, for Autumn) and they lit the candles. The table was set.

After we sat down in carpets around the stage, the staff introduced Emilia Inclán. Steady as a flagpole, with a guitar around her neck, a keyboard in front of her and a footswitch underneath, she taught us that a person can become a band. Using the footswitch to create loops, she played the bass, the keyboards, the guitar, the drums, and she sang the lyrics and the chorus. She deployed an electro-funk style that characterises her record Canciones posibles, which mixes Saramago quotes with songs about La Plata’s historic flooding.

In the meantime, over the back’s wall, Marina Raggio was creating highly complex live screenings with masterfully combined paper shavings. Emilia’s moving angelical voice touched my most intimate fibres and gave me goose bumps. That is what I look for in an artist: to be moved and to feel their passion for music.

The second artist who climbed on stage was Matías Kekes. Once again, one person, one band. Matías reminded me of Luis Alberto Spinetta, with a very deep voice and a very clear guitar. However, his performance, at least in my case, was overshadowed by the irrevocably hypnotic screenings that Josefina Claver dripped with superb precision. She uses alcohol ink and fluids to create what she has called “My world“, a highly innovative and evocative aesthetic expression. In her screenings, I found growing plants, blood circulating by an artery, the destruction of the world, and, without realising, I even found my fears.

For the closure, melancholy gave rise to joy and celebration. Algo tiene sexteto (percussion, trombone, vocalist, bass, guitar and keyboards) delighted us with some salsa, some bossa nova, some boleros, some samba, some candombe and some milonga. They sang “the moon is turning” and the girls in charge of the screenings made the moon turn. They sang “Beautiful drum” and they followed the rhythm with a magnificent cadence. The synchronization and the rhythm were passed on to absolutely everyone, and the band waved goodbye among a prolonged applause.

It was another night full of surprises, just as usual with Sofar. The first event of the year proved that the guys of the staff are maturing and that the inner dynamics of the event flow smoother and smoother. However, the message is still the same: respect for the artists and appreciation of their music. Politicians and bureaucracy will always be an obstacle for happiness. Luckily, we will always have music.

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