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There is no better way of appreciating the landscape of a country than travelling by train. In addition to stealing the natural resources and dividing local inhabitants, the British also introduces trains in some countries that they “colonised”: travelling around India by train is still one of my pending accounts. I would also love to travel by train around Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, Bolivia and Iran. However, the king of all trains is the Trans-Siberian Railway: more than 9200 km that link Moscow with Beijing in no less than seven days.

In the train trips, and because I generally travel alone, I like to read, to sleep for some hours if I am tired and, above all, enjoying the landscape. Of course, I always try to get the window seat. These three activities perfectly match with this album, since it has birds and wearisome rhythms which are also innovative and evocative.



Glue Trip is a Brazilian band from João Pessoa that started in 2012 and it was initially formed by Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto. After the release of several isolated songs, in 2015 they launch their homonymous album and they created an outstanding musical world.

The album could carry several tags, but none of them would work in its own, since it has a groundbreaking mixture of genres: chillwave, psicodelia, pop and rock. Acoustic guitars live together with a gentle and comforting percussion; fresh and harmonious voices guided by a seductive bass guitar create deep instrumental sections and sounds from nature accompanied by Brazilian recorders.



In its official website, the album is described as “a melodic, psychedelic, floaty wave of music that splashes all over and around you. It cannot be avoided, you will swim in the funky, flowing melodies only to be caught by the catchy, easy-to-sing-along-with hooks”.



Welcome aboard this train, this trip around Glue Trip‘s world. If you do not have a train at hand, do not worry, you can do as I do and travel aboard this Brazilian express train that is about to leave the platform. This is my recommendation for a relaxed train trip and for looking out the window:


This post is also available in: esEspañol