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My recommendation for reconnecting with deep nature.


We human beings are a part of nature, even though we sometimes, blinded by modern cities and screens, forget it. We came from and we will end up in nature, from and through the mountains; escorted by the birdsongs, our days go by.

Robin Perkins, dj, producer and activist from North England, is very conscious of this call and he has tuned nature into his artistic axis. From his childhood, he felt attracted towards birds, and that attraction grew when he lived in Argentina and he met cumbia and Andean music. Then he visited Bolivia, Peru and he moved to Mexico, where he recorded some EPs.

After meeting and working with several Latin American artists, Robin Perkins he started his most innovative musical project: El Búho. The name change was accompanied by a change in style: “I was producing a very poor dubstep and minimal techno at the time and then I began experiencing with Latin American sounds, mixed with natural sounds and electronic music, and I found my sound, the one I wanted. That was very exciting”.



His new record, entitled Balance, was released by his record label, Shika Shika, in October this year. In Perkins words: “Disregarding my influences, what I wanted to say is that music, just like nature, is an equilibrium, a balance, between sounds and inspirations, and this balance is very important. It fluctuates, it changes, it evolves but there has to be a balance for it to work and it has to show something new, pretty, interesting. I believe that music has the power to tell stories and to enter the consciousness. In my opinion, conservation of the Earth is something integral in my world, so I wanted to express that in sounds as well, in lyrics, in the choice of collaborators: the role of music to integrate people and to speak about nature as something essential for all”.

His environmental crusade is not limited to words: Perkins worked for Greenpeace from Mexico for two years and he constantly collaborates with NGOs focused on Latin American birds preservation. For those of us who think that the human being is going through a process of self-destruction, El Búho sends a message of hope: “I still believe in humanity, but it is already time to do something and we all have the power to do it our way. From music, from art, from activism, in your shopping. Wherever that may be”.

In this astonishingly alienating decade, maybe it is time to retreat into nature to reflect upon our role in this world. The mountains, the rivers, the birds and the trees have to be our inspiration. It is time to look for an appropriate place to enjoy this record and reconnect with deep nature.



If you enjoyed this record and you want to listen more songs by El Búho, I recommend you listening to this Boiler Room concert recorded in Tulum:





This post is also available in: esEspañol