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Even though I do not believe in the current concept of Nation-State since the lines that divide the countries are completely arbitrary, my luck determined that I was born in a country called Argentina. According to my passport, I am “Argentine“.

This vast country has innumerable landscapes and natural resources, and it is inhabited by extremely diverse peoples with ancient customs, but it cannot be established as a world power.

To live in, it is a highly complex country: inflation, lack of safety, traffic. To travel in, it is an astonishing country: friendly people, dreamy landscapes, cultural diversity and delicious food.

When I was a child, I travelled around a good portion of the country: I have been to Patagonia, I have visited the province of Córdoba, the Litoral region and the Atlantic Coast. As an adult, I am trying to travel around those regions that I have already visited and around new ones with a more mature worldview. Welcome to this beautiful and contradictory country! Let’s travel around Argentina.


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This post is also available in: esEspañol